Tristan Irvine is a composer, multi-instrumentalist and producer living in Winchester, UK. 

His fascination with music started as a child, when he would only eat his meals while sitting in front of a TV broadcasting a music show. 
Over the course of the years he began filling up tape after tape with his early songs, some of which he created using a Playstation. By 2006 he finally decided to put together all that he had absorbed musically by setting up a one-man band; an instrumental/visual solo project under the name "Fragments Of Winter". In this endeavor Tristan takes care of composing, performing, recording and producing the music, giving birth to cinematic soundscapes and surreal melodies, defined by a melancholic yet powerful sound, while also mellow, full of hope, bright lights and loud noises. In one word: orchestronica. 

During the last few years he has deepened and expanded his love relationship with music by re-imagining and re-arranging songs dear to him. Through this Tristan has begun performing not only as an instrumentalist but also as a vocalist. One exciting result of this expansion of creativity is that he was offered a place in an experimental choir based in London, "Conversations with Sound", joining a group of fellow artists and musicians in an adventurous and evolving exploration of a convergence between visual performance art, contemporary sounds and voices. 

Some of his recently composed and performed instrumental works include the scoring of a promotional video for the Canadian hockey apparel brand 'Gongshow Gear', and the scoring of two American dance productions: Chronicles of a Love Junkie by Michael T. Roberts and Grownup Things by Cassandra Cotta. 
For these works he collaborated successfully with the choreographers to create music which interpreted their ideas and feelings and were matched to their dance performances, illustrating the emotional relationships in which their characters develop.

Tristan is currently busy recording and performing as Joy Surrender.

At Lightning Speed (maxi-single, 2012)
Phonography: Part One (ep, 2012)
Skyrockets (full-length, 2009)
Noises (b-sides collection, 2009)
Let The Dream Begin (full-length, 2007)

Tristan is open to commissions and collaborations. 
Don't hesitate to contact him directly by clicking here.